Crufts 2022 – Can crossbreeds enter and what are the rules on Jack Russell terriers?

Dog lovers in the UK and around the world are preparing to see the best of each breed at Crufts 2022. And among the many types of dogs that are popular as pets these days are crosses such as the cockapoo, the labradoodle, yorkiepoo, cavachon and puggle.

But where are the crosses in Crufts, and what is the most up-to-date information on the Jack Russell Terrier, which many consider a mongrel? The Kennel Club, which organizes the Crufts event, has confirmed that crossbreeds are included in the event with their own special competition called Scruffts.

It read: “Scruffts, sponsored by James Wellbeloved, is the nation’s favorite crossbreeding competition and is a great way to spend time with your dog and family. While the focus is on fun, Scruffts also seeks to emphasize important messages about responsible dog ownership.”

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The Kennel Club coordinates Scruffts heats throughout the UK. The winners of each round are invited to Crufts for the Scruffts Grand Finals. He said each entrant “will have a few minutes in the spotlight to dazzle the judges” in the following four classes:

  1. Handsome crossbreed dog: 6 months +
  2. Most beautiful crossbred female dog: 6 months+
  3. Old golden: 8 years and over
  4. The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Program

And he further explained: “Scruffts is a crossbreed-only competition. As of April 1, 2016, the Kennel Club has recognized the Jack Russell terrier as a purebred breed. Therefore, Jack Russell terriers that are fully registered with of the Kennel Club will not be eligible for Scruffts.”

Jack Russells are now recognized by the Kennel Club as a purebred breed

Terriers can now be entered into the main Crufts competition and be eligible for the Best in Breed, Group Winner and Grand Final Best in Show awards rather than only being allowed to enter the Scruffts Crossbreeding competition.

In 2015, a number of Jack Russell owners objected to this decision. Among them Tom Parker Bowles – son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – said: “I love them as outsiders and bastards. They are lovely thieves and scallywags, not boring showdogs who have to adapt to certain standards of the Kennel Club. Jack Russells are in their happiest holes, chasing bunnies rather than pouncing like those horrible popinjay show dogs. Keep them out of the ring.

The constitution of the Jack Russell Club of Great Britain at the time said: “History has shown that Kennel Club recognition was detrimental to the physical structure and working abilities of a variety of working breeds. Therefore , this club opposes recognition.”

But the Kennel Club said: “By recognizing the Jack Russell as an official breed, we can help secure its future as a much-loved traditional working dog and popular pet.”

What are the rules of Scruffts?

Dogs must be over six months old to enter Scruffts. Rosettes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class. However, in the event that a 1st place winner cannot attend the final, or has already qualified, then the 2nd place winners will be invited to attend in their place.

First place winners in each class are then eligible for the semi-final at Crufts.

Dogs over 12 years old wishing to enter the Golden oldie class will be subject to the discretion of the show organizers.

Classes may be limited in number to 40 dogs per class, depending on the show schedule and other factors such as weather.

Tail docking is illegal in the UK and therefore dogs that have been docked are not allowed to enter Scruffts.

No dog in the Scruffts competition should ever have been subject to a judicial review order or contingent destruction order under the Dogs Act 1871 or the Dogs Act 1991 dangerous. The dog’s owner may be required to help the Kennel Club verify this.

Crufts 2022 Semi-Finalists at Scruffts

The most beautiful crossbreed dog

  • Crecho and Alexander Davoodi
  • Sir Duke and Clare Gallacher
  • Finley and Eleanor Stephens
  • Noodle and Sara Lilly-Jones
  • Remus and Emily Hale
  • Frank and Wendy Halling

The prettiest crossbred female dog

  • Bumble and Rowan Carter
  • Nancy and Ruth White
  • Lily and Sally Franklin
  • Cassie and Danni Coombes
  • Edith and Roxie Wood
  • Wilma and Rachel Hukin

Good Citizen Cross Class

  • Questa and Hazel French
  • Scout and Tracey Ison
  • Luna and Michelle down
  • Mavis and Katie Lee
  • Bruno and Julie Hudson
  • Sammi and Rowan Carter

Golden Oldie Crossbreed

  • Lilly and Hayley Hutton
  • Tia and Kathryn Masters
  • Noah and Claire Roles-Wain
  • Arthur and Emily Galway
  • Lily and Deborah Fisher
  • Teddy bear and Louise Jacobs

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