Consumer Product Events features recommendations for New Years Resolutions, “New Year, New You” product recaps, and Valentine’s Day gift ideas for pet parents and women.

MALIBU, California, December 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As the New Year approaches, Consumer Product Events, the premier product and media matchmaker, presents their favorite products to consider for your January “New Years, New You” Scoop and Guides valentine’s day gifts for women and pets. Our recommendations include:

BESO well-beingCreated by a famous massage therapist, Megan blackwell, Beso Wellness presents therapeutic cannabis products.

Macy harrell |[email protected]

Lexi Hide – A copper peptide infused skin care line created for outdoor sporting lifestyles by a pro golf feel and an Olympic athlete, Lexi thompson.

Huda Khalid | [email protected]

Products Repair Your Feet – Dr. Ragland’s Fix Your Fungal Nail ™ contains a tested formula that has been shown to be effective in eradicating fungus and restoring the health and appearance of nails.

Monique Lewis |[email protected]

NOW® food – One of the leading manufacturers of natural products in the country, NOW offers a comprehensive approach to well-being by offering more than 1,400 food supplements, functional foods, sports nutrition, health and beauty products and essential oils.

Kristin tuerk | [email protected]

Good health® is the creator of Brilliant Bites ™, the first line of dog supplements with immune health at the core and developed to support five conditions with products called Hip & Joint, Skin & Coat, Daily Wellness, Gut Health and Calm.

Claire Ballard | [email protected]

Jax & Cali toothbrush wipes – Jax and Cali are two mini magpie dachshunds who inspired the creation of textured, easy-to-use wipes that fit over fingers to easily reach the fang to the molar with a patented blend of natural enzymes called Oral Bactase®.

Jo hunt | [email protected]

Pawstruck – Pawstruck Beef Collagen Sticks & Braids are made from the softest, deepest layer of cowhide, rich in healthy, natural collagen, high in chondroitin and glucosamine. beautiful shiny coat.

Chris Herbert | [email protected]

Pet book – The best-selling, stylishly designed pet tech lifestyle brand parents trust to automate feeding their furry friends.

Alice yan | [email protected]

Urban betty – is a new gluten-free clean hair care alternative for people sensitive to fragrances thanks to the founder Chelle Neff personal fight against olfactory migraines.

Darlene Fiske | [email protected]

Shedavi – is a herbal hair growth serum containing 22 essential oils.

Tyhira Stovell | [email protected]

Daniella Lehavi – is a designer accessories brand of leather and vegan bags, shoes and quality accessories named after the most famous and the first Israeli accessories designer, Daniella Lehavi.

Paz Kvick | [email protected]

booty lounge is a sensual beauty brand with a collection of perfumes and pheromone infused products for the body and the bedroom.

Dana Myers | [email protected]

Sallyrose – Sallyrose is a manufacturer / distributor of jewelry and accessories from beloved and officially licensed brands including Disney, Marvel, Harry potter, Star Wars and Hello Kitty.

Jacob Chera | [email protected]

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