CogeCoin, develops a platform to save animals around the world

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New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – December 27, 2021) – Recently, a platform called CogeCoin came up with the mission of saving poor animals all over the world.

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  • CogeCoin is a cryptocurrency that helps animals in need around the world

Throughout history, humans have had a close relationship with animals. Humans have even kept them as pets and treated them with the same affection they would towards their family members. However, despite the connections humans have with animals, their rights are still taken lightly. Their habitats are being destroyed and pets around the world are victims of abuse and abandonment on a daily basis.

This is where CogeCoin comes in. CogeCoin is a cryptocurrency that donates 20% of its total issuance to animal welfare organizations. The goal of CogeCoin is to help animals in need across the world. CogeCoin also wants to help protect the environment while providing value to holders of $ COGE.

$ COGE is a token issued on Ethereum. In the spirit of fairness to everyone, the project launched $ COGE without pre-sales of its tokens, with a total of 100,000 billion issued at launch.

$ COGE is currently listed on Uniswap, Bitrue and MEXC.

The token allocation is shown in the image below.

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  • NFT and Metaverse sponsorship

NFTs have garnered a lot of attention over the past year, with the market valued at around $ 320 billion. NFTs are no longer seen as a simple image, but as a tool to be used to express a user’s personality as a 3D avatar in the metaverse. Large companies are also starting to notice this, with Twitter making it possible to define an NFT as a profile picture. Over time, humans expect to see NFTs develop into more and more games and virtual spaces as their popularity increases.

Building on this popularity, CogeCoin is developing an original initiative that combines NFT and animal sponsorship. In the conventional sponsorship model, animal sponsorship gives users a few photos of the animal they are supporting, designed to show the impact they have had. However, CogeCoin feels that there are not enough sponsorships and wants to give something more to those who generously help these poor animals. What CogeCoin has come up with are referral NFTs. With NFT technology, users will have the ability to keep digital avatars of the animals they support as pets in a virtual space.

Some exciting images on CogeCoin’s NFT project are available below.

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“InsurTech”, a combination of the words insurance and technology, is a rapidly growing industry that aims to make the conventional insurance market more efficient and affordable for customers. CogeCoin aims to take the middle step out and provide P2P insurance coverage, eliminating the extra fees that insurance companies charge as a commission. P2P insurance would be more transparent, have lower fees and improve usability. Chinese Alibaba is gaining attention in many countries like Japan, with its P2P health insurance service that now has millions of users.

But what about pet insurance? Insurance companies and venture capitalists have started offering a lot of pet services, which means there is a lot of enthusiasm in the pet insurance market. Both trendy and in line with people’s values, CogeCoin plans to offer pet insurance that provides medical care for all animals.

To be more specific about pet insurance, users can choose a basic insurance plan and customize it to their liking. The user will need to put the $ COGE into an insurance-only pool, which will vary depending on the insurance coverage. Pet insurance is also considering using AI to find the right insurance for users and get pool participants to vote on various apps.

The whole insurance process will be made more transparent using blockchain. The blockchain will also increase accessibility, as people without a bank account can simply use their smartphones instead to take advantage of insurance services.

Part of the income generated from the insurance services of the project will be donated to charities and animal organizations to help create a healthy environment and finance further development.

  • $ COGE Approach to the Pet Trade

Another use of $ COGE is the ability to purchase pet food and supplies. CogeCoin wants to solve an existing industry problem facing pet food. Against the background of mass production, there is an overabundance of cheap and low-quality pet food with poor nutritional value to say the least. CogeCoin aims to change that by developing high quality pet food and operating a regular delivery service that can only be paid for with $ COGE. The same goes for pet products. Since many designs are tasteless and use inexpensive materials, CogeCoin plans to provide an ecommerce site with social features. This will allow users to request custom designs and create a mechanism for communication between producers and buyers.

  • Future initiatives for Defi, GameFi and DAO

CogeCoin plans to develop a pet insurance system, create an e-commerce site, create Defi systems, implement gaming functions, work on the creation of a DAO and participate in the expansion of the metaverse. CogeCoin will continue to make various efforts to save all the hapless animals around the world and make the world a better place for everyone.

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