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Erie Humane Society Hosts Erie Pet Amnesty Day

It’s a wildlife cover at the Erie Humane Society. Erie Pet Amnesty Day avoids the release of unwanted wild animals that could harm other animals. Here’s why it’s important for many people to think twice before looking after a wild animal. Up, up, up, she goes. It is a medium-sized …

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Stow Pet Store aims to show the beauty of reptiles

Are you looking for a pet but don’t have the time to engage with a dog or a cat? Or looking for something a little different? A reptile can be a good alternative for those looking for a substitute for traditional furry animals, said Patricia Toshok, owner of Animal Jungle …

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Dog Mitzvah |

SAN DIEGO – So you say you love your dog, but have you ever thrown your pet a “Bark Mitzvah”? In this Zevely area, I went to Golden Hill for a special celebration. “It’s Saki,” Deidra Cooper said, presenting her adorable 13-year-old Shiba Inu. “Not only is it his birthday, …

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