Campfire Treats Achieves Farm Animal Welfare Certification

Press Release: Campfire Treats

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving farm animal welfare, all-natural dog treat maker Campfire Treats recently announced that it has been certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP), one of largest and most comprehensive animal welfare food labeling programs in North America.

Despite the glossy images of happy farm animals on green pastures printed on food packaging, the reality is quite different. Most animals raised for meat in the United States are neither raised in species-appropriate environments nor treated with the compassion they deserve.

“At Campfire Treats, we believe that loving our dogs shouldn’t come at the expense of other animals, so we’re proud to exclusively offer GAP-certified chicken and turkey products,” says Marko Wittich, president and co-founder of Campfire Treats.

Founded in 2008, the comprehensive standards of the Texas-based Global Animal Partnership are developed to enable continuous improvement in farm animal welfare. The program’s species-specific standards reflect the latest research in agricultural science combined with practical and achievable application to improve welfare throughout the animal’s lifetime. Accredited third-party certifiers audit each farm every 15 months to ensure compliance with GAP standards.

Pet owners are looking for meaningful animal welfare claims. Campfire Treats’ new line of certified single-ingredient dog treats are sourced only from GAP-certified farms and ranches. We’re thrilled. to partner with Campfire Treats – working together to support farms committed to animal welfare,” said Diane McDade, GAP Business Development Manager.

GAP’s Animal Welfare Certified labeling system has ascending levels that provide buyers with unique transparency. It is a farm animal welfare certification recognized as meaningful by the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart program that connects conscientious consumers with better brands in the market.

“We are thrilled to recognize Campfire Treats’ commitment to a more humane and responsible food system by welcoming them into the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart program,” said Nancy Roulston, Senior Director of Corporate Policy and Animal Scientist, ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare, “We know that many pet owners’ concerns for animals include those raised on farms, and Campfire Treats’ well-being-verified products offer those consumers another option in the market.

Campfire Treats also signed the Better Chicken Commitment in 2021 to publicly commit to using only cruelty-free treated chicken in its products. While this puts them far ahead of most of the pet food industry, the company is committed to continuing to raise the bar for farm animal welfare for all the meats it purchases.

Founded in 2017 in Rocklin, CA, Campfire Treats offers one of the largest selections of all-natural, single-ingredient dog treats and chews made on the West Coast. Committed to the highest standards of quality and animal welfare, the company sources ingredients from US farms and fisheries and uses no additives or preservatives in its products.

GAP is a non-profit organization committed to changing the way food is raised. Its mission is to drive meaningful and continuous improvement in the welfare of farmed animals through the development, application and verification of standards at multiple levels throughout the supply chain. Currently impacting more than 400 million farm animals on 4,000 farms, the company envisions a world where farm animals are treated with compassion, managed according to scientific standards and allowed to express their natural behavior and where consumers are empowered to make informed purchasing decisions based on transparent animal welfare criteria and labeling.