Camera catches clever dogs teaming up to rob toy store

The Oasis open-air mall in the city of Bodrum, Turkey, is home to a number of restaurants and shops. Among them is the toy store, Armağan.

It’s also the site of a recent adorably organized crime.

The other day, a toy store security camera captured a group of dogs arriving at the front door of the store, having clearly reached their destination. Shortly after, the apparent ringleader of the canine cabal snuck inside while his two companions stood in front.

Then, in what appears to be a pre-planned and coordinated move, they struck.

One of the dogs in front ran inside, as if to create a diversion. At this time, as the remaining pup stood guard at the door, the lead dog grabbed a doll from the store shelf. And just like that, they all made their getaway with the stolen goods.

Here is the video of the gang in action:

True, stealing is not a good thing – but in this case it was certainly an exciting heist.

What exactly did the dogs take? A plush dog doll like this:

In an interview after the robbery, employee Faruk Can said it was not the first time the dogs had targeted the store. In the past, however, they have been chased away before they could make off with valuables.

This time the puppies waited for the perfect moment to strike.

“[This occasion] we were dealing with a client at the time,” Can said.

The theft cost the store around $20, which isn’t negligible – although judging by the smile on Can’s face when he described the incident, he’s more impressed with the dogs than he is. angry.

Crime aside, they’re still good boys and girls, after all.