Area animal sitters kept busy this weekend, despite the weather

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – For those who decided to bare the elements for Easter weekend, but had to leave their furry friend behind, Fargo Pet Sitting Services is stayed busy.

Heather Wahl, owner of Homebound Pet Sitting, says this weekend brought enough business to keep her busy, despite the weather.

“I would say this weekend I probably had from Thursday until today four or five houses during the day that I do,” she says.

Wahl says that although she’s from North Dakota, it hasn’t been easy for her to be able to drive from house to house.

“The roads this morning were not good. After that, I have to go back to see Horace. I hope that once there, I can stay there and everyone will return home safely,” she said.

With the changing weather, Wahl says she’s had a few clients cancel their pet sitting services as the area was hit by recent snow.

“There were ups and downs. This whole week has been kind of in limbo. Travel plans have sort of been put on the back burner. Some people left and some didn’t, so it was a bit hit and miss,” she says.

She says that in these kinds of weather situations, travelers often anticipate the impacts of the weather.

“Usually what happens is that during holidays there are last-minute travel planners. But with the weather, there were none this time around,” she says.

Everyone should be home safely tonight as no one has extended their services yet.

“It’s always something to worry about when we have this kind of weather,” says Wahl.

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