Andrew’s chihuahua gets fan love on IG

The daycare guy posted some cute pictures of his puppy, Ajax. The Chihuahua received tons of compliments and some fans even ended up flirting with Andrew.

Star of 90 day fiancé season eight, Andrew Kenton can be called “scoundrel, “but his four-legged friend Ajax receives a lot of love from many fans. Chihuahua Ajax has hypnotized everyone with his pretty face. One fan even wants to be Andrew’s dog sitter. Andrew appeared on 90 day fiancé alongside his then-fiancée, Amira Lollysa. The couple met online and Andrew asked the question when they first met in Las Vegas. Andrew and Amira looked like a promising pair at first, but they went their separate ways towards the end of the season.

Their story became so complicated that Amira refused to see or speak to Andrew during the Say it all episodes. So the fans never knew who was telling the truth. Amira said Andrew pressured her to have children as soon as she arrived in the United States. But the daycare guy said Amira was asking for money before she boarded her flight to America. In the midst of this blame game, fans took sides. While Andrew was called a “d – chebag, “Amira was denounced for inconsistencies in her story.

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Meanwhile, the “King“Andrew replaced Amira with his puppy. He posted two adorable photos of his Chihuahua and wrote,”My puppy, Ajax !!!Andrew’s puppy has reminded many fans of their own pets. The photo is now one of those few posts that Andrew doesn’t get negative feedback on. In fact, he’s received a few flirtatious messages from the fan share. Andrew posted these photos with the hashtag, #chihuahua #terrier, so it looks like Ajax is a mix of these two dog breeds. Check out the footage Andrew posted:

Usually, Chihuahua Terrier mix dogs are quite fun, sporty, and energetic. They are very fond of playing and generally need the attention of their owners. Their average lifespan is 12 to 15 years. Brandon Gibbs commented on the IG post, “So cute little dog guy.” A 90 day fiancé fan dropped a loving comment for Andrew, “Cute like her daddy. “ Another fan said: “Awww, I want to be your dog sitter lol. ” Other comments noted Ajax’s cuteness and a few fans said he reminded them of their own puppies.

Earlier, Amira’s ex received tons of compliments from 90 day fiancé viewers on her slimmer physique and glowing skin. It looks like Andrew lost a lot of weight after filming his season. He recently posted a stunning pic wearing a black shirt and matching shorts. He kept his hair luscious, which made some fans even more cracking. Since 90 day fiancé Andrew couldn’t find love on the show, now there are rumors he will be featured on 90 days: the life of a single person. If so, he’ll hopefully find his soul mate, just like Big Ed Brown.

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