A taxi driver who challenged a crook ended up being punched in the face and bitten by a dog

A taxi driver who challenged a passenger for dodging a fair ended up being punched in the face before being bitten by his dog. Mitchell Golding took the taxi from outside Braunstone Victoria Working Men’s Club in Cantrell Road to arrive at Gaddesby Avenue off Narborough Road in Leicester at 9pm on Saturday February 19.

He got out of the taxi and promised to come back soon with the price, but never came back. The driver waited 15 minutes, then noticed the Golding window of a nearby apartment and tried to get his attention.

Golding, 38, then got out with his dog and started screaming and swearing, denying he owed the driver money, before punching him in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose. The taxi driver attempted to defend himself by hitting the Golding, but was bitten by his dog in the chest and back.

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The taxi driver then got back into his taxi but Golding stopped him from leaving by leaning against his car and threatening to take it away from him. He finally backed off and allowed him to leave, but the driver heard a loud bang as he drove away. He later discovered a dent in the offside passenger door.

He also realized he had dropped his wallet at the scene, containing £45 and a bank card – which Golding wasted no time dishonestly using three times at local shops to buy some alcohol, priced at £80.37. Golding pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm to the taxi driver, fleeing without payment, being responsible for an uncontrollable dangerous dog, damaging the taxi, stealing the wallet of the driver and fraudulently using a bank card at Leicester Crown Court.

He also admitted an offense unrelated to breaching a restraining order, by going to his former partner’s Braunstone address – even though he was banned from going there. He was intoxicated when he entered her home at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday March 24 and aggressively threatened her,

Her frightened ex-partner grabbed a knife for protection and then left. The court heard Golding had 73 offenses on his criminal record, including dishonesty, assault and public order.

Mitigating Steven Gosnell said: “The dog was under his control and caused minor injury to the taxi driver. He did not order the dog to do anything, the dog reacted to the situation created by my client.”

He said that after the defendant was arrested, the dog was first cared for by his mother, who then passed him on to someone else and Golding did not know where he was. . No details of the dog’s breed were given in court, but Miss Knott said: ‘There is no evidence to suggest the dog misbehaved, before or since, and that posed no problem when the police arrived on the scene.”

She said the Crown was not seeking an order of destruction regarding the dog. Mr Gosnell said the defendant had long-term problems with alcohol and drugs and was homeless for a decade, until he was allocated a council flat on Gaddesby Avenue, in May last year – which he risked losing if he was imprisoned for more than six months.

The lawyer added: “He is now drug free and feels remorse for his actions.” He said Golding knew he shouldn’t have gone to his ex-partner’s address, in violation of a court order, but the plaintiff – with whom he has a teenage child – had since been “support”, twice sending him money to his pre-trial detention. jail.

Mr Gosnell said: ‘He knows their relationship isn’t working and he needs to stay away from this situation. The court heard it was the second time he had breached the order.

At sentencing, recorder Cameron Crowe said: “The taxi driver was providing a public service and you walked away without paying the fare. When he tried to get your attention, you reacted in a totally disproportionate way, by threatening him aggressively and hitting him at least twice.

“Your dog, no doubt amplified by your actions, jumped up and bit him twice. I’ve seen pictures of the injuries and luckily he didn’t sustain any more serious injuries – they were minor in the diagram of this type of offending.”

Golding was jailed for a total of 12 months.