31 shocking employee work secrets

“I’m a veterinarian. We’re emotionally blackmailed daily. We only hear from distant friends and relatives when they want ‘free’ advice. Bill, ”You’re only there for the money’, ‘If you cared about animals, you’d do it (insert expensive procedure, test, drug) for free.’ We get asked about payment plans because our clients don’t qualify for loans or credit cards We get blamed all the time for complications and poor results Our job is physically, emotionally, mentally and financially exhausting.

“So here’s the deal. If you ask us for free advice, don’t. We deserve our free time and we deserve to be paid for our professional advice. If you are a distant friend or relative of a veterinarian , give us a call to say hello and see how we’re doing, not just because we’re some kind of free resource you want to use If you’re mad at us for our recommendations and don’t trust what we tell you , don’t shoot the messenger. Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. But you must understand that vets generally do not recommend ANYTHING (test, procedure, medication) unless it is in the best interest of the patient. Have an emergency fund, get pet insurance, plan to take care of your pet.

We can’t take care of your pet any more than you can, especially financially. Veterinarians and their staff are the lowest paid healthcare professionals in the United States. We are probably paid less than your plumber. Our student debt is the same as that of an MD. And our staff? They don’t get much more than minimum wage. Finally, if your animal has a bad result or a complication, it is not always the fault of the veterinarian. It is medicine. Medicine is not an exact science. Guarantees and guarantees that a pet will get better just because it receives medical attention are unrealistic. We don’t want complications and bad outcomes for any of our patients, but we get them. They hurt us emotionally just as they hurt you. Picking on us doesn’t help anyone.”

—58, Texas