12 Most Extravagant Dog Spending We’ve Ever Heard Of

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Many people treat their dogs like part of the family, but sometimes extravagant spending on dogs can go too far. When you spend more on your pup’s clothes than on yourself, you may be spoiling your pooch too much. But, we know that dogs are so cute that sometimes it’s hard to resist giving them the best, no matter how ridiculous.

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Ahead of National Puppy Day 2022 on March 23, here are the most luxurious items we’ve seen that take pampering your pooch to a new level.

Custom leather poo bag holder

Price: $173

For the dog whose poop doesn’t stink, this is the perfect poop bag holder. Have your best friend’s name stitched into this genuine leather holder designed for the sole purpose of wrapping trash bags. It comes in a wide range of different colors, although your dog can only see two.

Zebra dog coat

Price: $320

Animal print is all the rage right now, and you don’t want your animal to be left out of the trend. Dress him up with this handmade couture dog coat. This coat is said to have a body heat reflective interior, so it’s as functional as it is fashionable.

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Porsha dog carrier

Price: $432

For the little dog who can’t go anywhere without making a dramatic entrance, check out the cream colored Porsha dog carrier. This designer carry bag includes a front pocket where your dog can store all his jewelry. This carrier allows your pup to tell a true story of wealth.

Pet Dry House Dog Bed

Price: $450

If you’re not a luxury pet owner, you might not know exactly what a dry house or dog bed is. It’s basically a beauty salon for your dog. This unit can be used as a regular dog house with a bed inside, but it can be transformed for your dog’s prep needs. Once you’ve hooked up a hair dryer to the house hookup, you can give your dog a blow-dry while staying in maximum comfort. The house is also designed to muffle noise for your pup’s ears. There is also a sensor that prevents your baby from getting too hot.

No-Zip Expedition Pet Stroller

Price: $520

The classiest pooches should never have to use all four paws to travel. Warm them up in this exquisite stroller designed especially for dogs. This stroller has no zipper, making it easier than ever to lock your dog into this chic vehicle.

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Arctic Throw Dog Blanket

Price: $564

This cozy throw is marketed only for dogs. However, at this price, we’re pretty sure you can get a few uses out of it too.

Versace Barocco dog bed

Price: $1,350

You shouldn’t be the only one at home wearing Versace. Let your dog sleep in the luxury of this designer bed.

The wedding dog dress

Price: $1,549

Every female dog dreams of her wedding day, right? Spare no expense for your precious little girl’s upcoming nuptials with this gorgeous white dress with bead detailing. This dress can also be used to match her human’s wedding dress, but we wouldn’t recommend it as it might steal the show.

Urban Modern Cucciolo Dog Bed

Price: $1,678

We’re a little jealous of all the doggies sleeping on this designer bed. This sofa/bed that costs more than most humans spend on a bed is made with high quality foam and virgin polyester fiber fill to provide orthopedic support for the aging dog.

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Mid Century Modern Kennel Eichler Ranch

Price: $3,750

You are no longer the only one complaining about housing prices. Introduce your dog to the real estate market with this handcrafted mid-century ranch house. The “Eichler Ranch” comes with a big screen always playing “squirrel”, a custom planter, a sun deck, and probably a few other things your human home doesn’t even have.

Michel’s Vip Parfums

Price: $4,000

Are you tired of that dog smell your pup insists on carrying around? Get rid of it forever with a $4,000 dog perfume. This fragrance is described as unisex with notes of mandarin blossom and pink grapefruit. However, before you pull out your wallet, not every dog ​​can get their hands on it. You must be prompted to purchase, hence the name “VIP”.

Love, Love dog collar

Price: $3.2 million

You think you really love your dog, huh? Prove it with this multimillion-dollar 52-karat dog collar. This dog ice cream is the most expensive dog collar in the world. Adorned with a combined 1,600 diamonds, it won the crown of being the most extravagant doggie expense we’ve ever heard of.

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